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At COGNIFUL, we believe strongly in the values and concepts of our journey. We are dedicated to making a change in the world and want you to make a change as well. If you wish to guide people towards happiness and self-fulfillment, You can apply to join our selective global network and get the training to become a certified ‘COGNIFUL® Master Coach.

Under our guidance, you experience a deep personal transformation and gain valuable insight that can help you reshape your life. At the end of your journey, you will be capable of utilizing your new skills and competencies to coach others towards self-development. By applying the COGNIFUL model and teachings, you will help individuals and business alike improving their performance and unlocking their potential.

You will start spreading out meaning, happiness, health and well-being to the world.


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COGNIFUL personal growth high-performance - self development
Human Robots: Biohacking and Longevity

The search for the improved and the ‘more’ makes people turn more into robots, rather than the imperfect humans they were born into. These factors are not exclusive to one another but biohacking can be used to reach a longer longevity.

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COGNIFUL personal growth high-performance - intelligence
Remapping the Universe: A Journey with Neuroplasticity

Neuroplasticity takes reorganization to a different level. It is when the neural networks in the brain are changed, remapped. This network is what holds all of our information, actions, things we learn, memories..

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COGNIFUL personal growth high-performance - sport fitness
Health is the first wealth

Health is an integral part of our life. To be healthy is to be productive, happy, and satisfied. Through simple habits such as getting enough sleep, eating healthy food, exercising, and meditation..

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COGNIFUL personal growth high-performance - development
The Pyramid of Personal Growth

Personal growth is a ​pyramid​ of some sort. It starts from your physical health, at the very bottom, moves up to your mental health, social health and up until it reaches the very top; the health of your soul.

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