At COGNIFUL we believe that your diet has a huge impact on your overall wellness so we created this program especially for you. This program will enable you to redesign your lifestyle so that it improves your physical, mental, and emotional health. Oftentimes we fail to realize that our mental health is linked to our physical health and that our eating habits are a part of our physical health. In fact​, ​food is the fuel to our body and brain and does affect a range of emotional and physical processes. You are and you become what you eat.


Our food intake is the fuel to our body and brain hence it affects us emotionally and physically. We understand that and will coach you to improve your eating habits and to use food as a key performance source accordingly. ​We will provide you with all insights to enhance your fitness whether your goal is to reach peak performance in business or in sports. We ​will guide you through a healthy lifestyle program and show you how to manage your health in a balanced way.


Well-being does not only mean the absence of disease and disorder it’s about leading a healthy lifestyle in all aspects of your life. Our goal is to help you make everyday lifestyle decisions that will develop your physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being which will lead you to a healthy, happy, and productive life.​

Healthy Food & Nutrition

Physical Activity

Improve your Sleep

Meaningful Relationships & Social Competence

Avoid risky Substances


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COGNIFUL personal growth high-performance - development
The Pyramid of Personal Growth

Personal growth is a ​pyramid​ of some sort. It starts from your physical health, at the very bottom, moves up to your mental health, social health and up until it reaches the very top; the health of your soul.

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