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As small as we are in this world, we are our own universes. Our bodies, those complex and divine temples, combined with our lives and choices make up these amazing universes. And through them, we change the world. Endlessly intricate, they sometimes appear to be out of control and unfathomably chaotic. This is why learning how to shape and reshape the maps that lead inside is crucial. Through our daily lives, we hold the powers to make certain decisions that literally and metaphorically shape us. Bad selections, such as destructive routines, will not only lead to negative results, but will also remold the body and mind into the reflection of these poor picks. On the contrary, choosing what’s good and healthy will remap the soul in the right way. Thus, through each individual, all is changed.

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” ―Leo Tolstoy

Neuroplasticity takes reorganization to a different level. It is when the neural networks in the brain are changed, remapped. This network is what holds all of our information, actions, things we learn, memories… so it is normal for it to be naturally changing and revamping as one grows up. However, this phenomenon doesn’t happen haphazardly and can be induced purposefully. What we mean by that is the tenacious or conscious effort to change and remap those networks.

Natural Remapping

As aforementioned, the neural networks can change on their own. With experience and as we grow old, the nerve cells adapt to new circumstances. This is why scientists used to believe that neuroplasticity is limited and stops when the individual moves from childhood into adulthood. However this could be refuted almost immediately.

First, human beings never stop learning. Multitudes of researches and studies published on the Research Gate network prove that we always retain new information or new memories. It is incredibly automatic that it’s sometimes forgotten.

Second, in a new study published by Nature Medicine, it is proven that the human brain never stops developing neurons. This is only a further indication that the adaptation process is not only constant, but a must as well. 

So, what can we do with this information?

Conscious Remapping

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, neuroplasticity can be used as a positive feature in order to restore the body back to health. But before getting to that part, discussing the negative side is a must.

Everything we do to our bodies from drinking and unhealthy food to smoking and various addictions are also factors that remap the neurons. We definitely do not choose these in order to negatively impact the neural networks but they do fall into the conscious category because they are conscious actions and not naturally done.

All addictive drugs, for instance, alter the neurons and sometimes actually kill them.  The National Institute on Drug Abuse warns against the damage caused and dangers of seizures, strokes and “direct toxic effects on brain cells.”

Hence, instead of revamping that is healthy and useful to our lifestyles, the neural network is altered in such a way that is harmful. Neurons stop functioning as they should and are conditioned to survive in the wrong conditions. Take a look at the Balance Luxury Rehab center and the options to reach out for help against addictions here.

The positive and conscious efforts, on the other hand, take time but are rewarding. Changing your lifestyle and influencing masses of neurons is no easy work. It is a kind of conditioning wherein we use conscious positive factors to remap as best as possible.

With fitness and exercise, for example, the promotion of the growth and survival of neurons can be done through aerobic exercises. Not only do the aerobic exercises affect the neurons positively, but they also help improving the spatial memory. A study shows that constantly doing aerobics lead to a significant increase in gray matter in multiple brain regions. Take a look at our age here to achieve high-performance in sports.

As for education, frequently learning and reading stimulates the brain. Being dynamic in the process of retaining information is one of the favors you could do to your neurons. Because of the many stimuli used in the process of education, the neural networks will be active constantly. This is especially critical if you are a parent or planning on becoming one. Children always need guiding, and exercising their minds early on is exceedingly beneficial. Our meaningful parenting program can help guide you through.

Add to that, a healthy lifestyle away from addictions and stress give needed breaks for the neurons. Stepping away from all what is destructive is always the way to go. Your body, mind and soul will thank you.

Therefore, neuroplasticity is a mean to remap the neural network. It is the reconditioning of the neurons which can be used to turn the map healthy and successful. Each component of the body is smart; it knows what is going on and tries its best to protect the body as whole. Your aid is forever an added bonus. Doing the bare minimum would be to drop toxic methods and substances. Cognitive control of behavior is an added measure that would facilitate attaining perfect health.

At COGNIFUL, we focus on different approaches to help you reconstruct your universe towards self-mastery and personal growth. Through holistic and person-centered approaches, we aim to show you all the tools with which you can start remapping your paths. Together, we work on eliminating the patterns that may stand against that and support you to reach the goals and visions you plan on building up. So reach out today, and let us start drawing the legend at the corner together.

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