Cogniful was created to be a place in which a person can discover his potential and strengths. It brings together a group of professional experts in the fields of health, sports, and business.
By combining their expertise, these members have put together a program tailored to provide support and help to individuals looking to improve their lives. The program constitutes individualized plans that look to enhance the mind and the body.

COGNIFUL is for those who have reached a point in their life where they need professional support and guidance. Perhaps you feel unfulfilled, underachieving, or exhausted. You no longer feel joy or peace, and maybe your health, wellbeing, business and overall performance are suffering as a consequence. Cogniful helps you break free from the maladaptive mechanisms and cognitive processes that you have learned, and will help you develop healthy skills and perspectives on a personal and professional level.

We believe that the different aspects of the human experience are interconnected and have a pyramidal relationship. Accordingly, to grow, one must begin by nurturing their physical, psychological and social potential. Thus, we have based the concept of COGNIFUL on scientific psychological methods and research. We deliver a life-changing experience that will ignite your energy and push you forward towards success in all aspects of life.


COGNIFUL is at the pinnacle of online and bespoke personal and business performance development programs addressing psychological, integrative health and mindful causes. Our vision is to enable clients the necessary insight, tools and methods to lead a more fulfilling and healthy lives and businesses.

Commitment to Clients

COGNIFUL supports its clients in recognizing unhealthy or destructive patterns of behaviour and reliefs them from negative feelings. By achieving a state of improved physical and emotional well-being, COGNIFUL enables you to enhance your life and business in a meaningful and full-filling way.

Unique Method

COGNIFUL creates the perfect personal and business environment in which to undergo a personal transformation thanks to its carefully designed interventions and person-centred approach. It empowers and enables the client to embody effective and lasting changes in different aspects of their lives.

Team of Experts

We know that to provide good services and instill major change we need to have a team that combines experience with knowledge and awareness. COGNIFUL stands for dedicated experts who promote and personify professional psychological, health and business development.

Believe of Beyond

We approach the human as more than the physical presence and look to work on their spirit. We thrive to improve the physical, mental, and spiritual experience as to unlock the potentials of our clients.


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Human Robots: Biohacking and Longevity

The search for the improved and the ‘more’ makes people turn more into robots, rather than the imperfect humans they were born into. These factors are not exclusive to one another but biohacking can be used to reach a longer longevity.

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Remapping the Universe: A Journey with Neuroplasticity

Neuroplasticity takes reorganization to a different level. It is when the neural networks in the brain are changed, remapped. This network is what holds all of our information, actions, things we learn, memories..

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Health is the first wealth

Health is an integral part of our life. To be healthy is to be productive, happy, and satisfied. Through simple habits such as getting enough sleep, eating healthy food, exercising, and meditation..

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The Pyramid of Personal Growth

Personal growth is a ​pyramid​ of some sort. It starts from your physical health, at the very bottom, moves up to your mental health, social health and up until it reaches the very top; the health of your soul.

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