Our secondary care service represents the next phase in your comprehensive treatment journey, providing ongoing support and guidance as you transition from primary residential treatment to life outside our facility. It plays a crucial role in your continued recovery, bridging the gap between the structured environment of residential care and the independence of everyday life.

What is Secondary Care?

Secondary care is the second stage of addiction or mental health treatment. After completing the initial, more intensive period of care in primary residential treatment, our secondary care program offers a supportive environment where you can continue your healing and growth. Here, the focus is on furthering personal development, reinforcing the skills learned during primary care, and supporting your successful transition back into everyday life. 


Our secondary care packages include shared residence accommodations with food and housekeeping services. We maintain a high standard of comfort and luxury in our facilities, ensuring that even in shared living spaces, you have a comfortable and welcoming environment to call home. As part of the secondary care program, you have the flexibility to book therapy sessions from our outpatient program as needed. This personalized approach allows you to tailor your ongoing recovery to your specific needs and goals.


Our secondary care facilities are located in Mallorca providing a peaceful and serene environment that is ideal for continued healing and recovery.


Admissions Team

For more information or any additional inquiries, please visit the FAQ section on our website or reach out to our admissions team directly. 

At Cogniful, we are here to support you every step of the way on your journey towards a balanced and fulfilled life. Your path to continued healing and growth continues here. 

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